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Aimed at those travelers, tourists or visitors who want to get to know a place in an orderly and easy way (cities, towns, villages). Wayfarer Wood is made up of thousands of mini walking routes perfectly defined in distance and time. Each of these routes is made up of sites of interest according to the user profile. Wayfarer Woods will allow you to take advantage of your free time when you travel, whether it is a business trip, study or just sightseeing. Select the category you want to find a place of interest, for example in the culture category you can find museums, galleries, historical sites, etc.. You can also find places of entertainment and leisure, shows for which you can buy your ticket from the App as well as restaurants of your favorite food. With Wayfarer Wood you will not have to spend your valuable time with long searches on the internet, simply with a couple of clicks you will have thousands of options at your fingertips. The App will show you the route with the best options according to your search preferences and will indicate the distance and time needed to complete the route, don't wait any longer, download Wayfarer Wood App and let's go for a walk!


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